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Tikin-Xic Fish

Sundays are destined to go to the beach so and I´m always craving for a delicious fish. Basically , Tikin Xic fish is one of the most famous fish in the Península.

The arrival of the Spaniards to the Yucatan Peninsula not only caused a clash of cultures but also resulted in a fusion of flavors of the new and old world, a fact that gave rise to a new gastronomy that today we can enjoy.

A dish of this cuisine that is delicious and very traditional is the Tikin Xic, a white fish open in half marinated with spices of the place and roasted with coal. This fish is very common in the states of Quintana Roo and Yucatan.

The Tikin Xic is a sauce whose main ingredient is achiote, a red spice that is used from pre-Hispanic cuisine and is commonly used in the making of yucatecan dishes such as Cochinita pibil. This spice is accompanied by sour orange juice, tomato, beer, onion, red and green chili peppers.

For sure you wiil love this amazing dish! Is a flavor you will not find anywhere else.

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