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Take care of our Paradise

We are so happy for your visit and we want to you have an unforgettable holidays besides if you are one of our dear tourists help us to take care of our beaches.

The environment is becoming more and more polluted and we must take action.

How can we help?

Please do not take pictures with exotic animals either try to feed or touch them, many animals has diseases for our fault, if you love animals just admire them for a distance.

Keep the beaches clean, do not throw cigar butts, bottles, cans or any kind of garbage.

Do not buy souvenirs like starfish either conch shells, in Playa del Carmen and Cozumel there are sanctions to those who buy or sell products derived from this species.

Use biodegradable sunscreen and natural products, biodegradable refers to a material that breaks down naturally with organic components, everything that is not recyclable ends up in landfill sites or seabed.

Now just enjoy and take care of this paradise!




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