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3D Museum of wonders

Do you like art? Well if you do, this museum is excellent for you, it combines art and fun. It has a lot of 3D illustrations allowing you to become part of the display, showcasing amazing artistic creations. It´s a…

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Underwater experience

Playa de Carmen belongs to the second largest reef in the world where you can find corals, gorgonians, turtles, sharks and a variety of caribbean fish such as parrotfish, sergeant, snorers, sabalos, barracudas, butterfly fish, moray eels, crabs, lobsters and much…

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Healthy Food Lovers

If you love fresh and natural food this is the best place for you.. It offers organic products which are great for your health and are made thinking about people who loves natural flavors. You can visit the restauran which…

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Caleta Tankah –

Caleta tankah Caleta Tankah It is a gem to discovered, imagine a peaceful and private beach of 4 kilometers with turquoise water in the Mexican Caribbean, the beautiful jungle hides it from the civilization. My favorite part of this paradise…

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