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Valladolid a Magial Town

Valladolid is considered a Magical Town, a city famous for its gastronomy and the kindness of its people; There you can find fabulous restaurants and cafes, from regional food to international dishes, as well as hostels and hotels with a…

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The formation of Cenotes

Do you know how the cenotes were formed? They are geological depressions that are formed by a natural process, and then fill with water. Normally, the cenotes are interconnected by underground tunnels. These water tunnels give cenotes unique characteristics. One…

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Enigmatic Uxmal

Uxmal, sorrounded by legends, myths and anecdotes The city is made up of 15 groups of buildings, distributed from north to south, in an area of approximately 2 km. Among those that stand out: The Pyramid of the Adivino, with…

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Mayan museum in Cancún

The Mayan Museum of Cancun opened its doors in November 2012; It presents historical relics and extensive exhibition spaces, in a modern environment. The multimillion dollar project is the culmination of 30 years of collection, and has 350 Mayan pieces.…

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A day like today throughout history

If you have asked yourself what happened throughout the story on a day like today, here are some data that might interest you: April 4, 1811: the Free State of Cundinamarca is constituted with capital in Santa fé April 4,…

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Coba Archaeological zone

Coba is a Mayan archaeological site located about 90 kilometers east of Chichen Itza and about 40 northeast of Tulum. Its name translates as “water with moss” or “moisture of water”, although there are authors who suggest that it means…

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Cacao was discovered by our Spanish ancestors until the beginning of the 16th century, when Christopher Columbus and his crew, anchored in the island of Guanja off the coast of what is now Honduras, received small nuts from the inhabitants…

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El Portal Maya

The Portal Maya is a controversial sculpture by José Arturo Tavarez Padilla that has been gaining its place as a point of reference in Playa del Carmen. The purpose of the sculpture on the stage of the Fundadores park and…

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