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Record Number of Tourists!!

The Riviera Maya has had a recording breaking year of tourism, with more than 4,000,000 visitors, three quarters of those where international travelers and according to information from the Director of the Touristic Promotion Trust (Fideicomiso de Promoción Turística de la Riviera maya), Dario Flota Ocampo, Playa del Carmen is set to receive more than double the number of tourists than last year.

The high season in now upon us and 98% Hotel Occupancy is.. to be expected in the Riviera Maya for the rest of December according to the current booking figures. Americans and Canadians are the biggest group of International Visitors that will come to spend the December Holidays here. The Director of the Fideicomiso said that aso the European Market is one of the most important to Riviera Maya Tourism led by British and Spanish markets respectively. The amount of Spanish Tourists has fallen dramatically since 2007due its troubled economy.

Dario Flota the Playa Times that three new big International Hotels are expected to open this 2014 due to the increasing demand. 2014 is expected to kick off with an 80% expected Hotel occupancy rate until March for the Riviera Maya region. In 2013 the figure for the same period was an occupation of 75%; a figure which at time exceeded 2012.

“The Riviera Maya continues to attract huge number of visitors, which is set to increase, so in turns this region is a Number one spot for continued International Hotel Investment and that of the Travel and Tourism Industry as a whole”

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