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Real Estate Certification

Real Estate Certification in the state of Quintana is now a MUST for all Real Estate agencies and independent brokers, the process starts this 2015 for all agencies and agents to acquire a Real Estate License to be able to sell Real Estate!

This is actually great news since this will bring value and credibility not only to Real Estate Agencies but to all buyers from all over the world having the certainty that their transactions will be handled by knowledgeable and reputable Real Estate agents.

We will no longer hear comments : Seems like anyone can sell a Real Estate in Mexico .. or : In The US and Canada you have to be certified to sell Real Estate.. Well.. We will now have to be certified as well and I believe this is great news to everyone, Real Estate Agencies, independent Brokers and of course the clients who will feel more comfortable investing in this Magnificent place!

PDC4U – Playa del Carmen Real Estate is of course already in the process!!

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