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Punta Esmeralda

Punta Esmeralda, is a free beach that is practically at the end of Colonia Colosio in Playa del Carmen, Q. Roo and its main attraction is that it has a small but beautiful cenote, whose waters flow directly into the sea, making this unique place in the area since its waters acquire different tonalities by mixing fresh water with the sea. Swimming in them is an unparalleled experience that few visitors have had the pleasure of enjoying.

It is very popular among the inhabitants of the area an ideal place to live with family and friends. The beach is shallow and its temperature is ideal for cooling especially in the months that the temperature rises. Next to the cenote there are palm trees and trees in which the locals like to organize picnics and it is also an excellent place to practice sports such as kayaking or SUP (stand up paddle surfing). Also playing freesbee or pok-ta-pok (Maya ball game) is possible due to the large expanse of beach in the vicinity.

Punta Esmeralda is at the limit of Colosio Colony, next to the Nicte-ha. The best known access is the one near the Hotel Paradisus. You can get there by walking from the 5th. Avenue or even by car, as there is parking place along the access. It is also possible to go by taxi with a cost of $ 30.00 pesos.