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Punta Sur Cozumel

The Punta Sur Ecological Reserve contains a remarkable variety of beautiful natural landscapes, its extension exceeds one thousand hectares and it is dominated by lagoons with their characteristic physiognomy of coastal wetlands and mangrove forests that constitute a mosaic of environments and ecosystems that harbor a large richness and diversity in the matter of flora and wild fauna.

The state of Quintana Roo is recognized for having an abundant nature and Cozumel is home to about 40 percent of its flora.In addition to being a diving paradise, here you will also find a large amount of terrestrial fauna in the State Shelter of Flora and Fauna of Laguna Colombia. In Punta Sur all activities are ecotourism, which means that they do not have a great impact on the environment.

If your dream is to see flamingos on the water and flying over the lagoon, you came to the right place. In Punta Sur there are viewpoints placed at strategic points from where, if you are lucky, you will see these wonderful pink birds in their natural hábitat.

There are two main points from where you can observe the crocodiles, a lookout type dock with handrails and a boat ride through the Laguna Colombia. On this walk the guide explains interesting facts and history of the place while you enjoy the wonderful view of the lagoon.

It has all the elements we imagine when we think of a dreamy Caribbean beach: soft white sand, clear blue water and palm trees. It is ideal to walk barefoot to the seashore, sit inside the beach and if you walk a few meters further in, you can also snorkel and see many colorful fish.

Not every day you can sleep a nice nap lying in a hammock lulled by the sea breeze and the soft sound of the waves. On the beach of Punta Sur in Cozumel there is a wooden pergola with hammocks and lounge chairs for those who want to rest a little while in the shade, how is not it going to be a reason to go?.