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Punta Laguna

Punta Laguna is a small hidden paradise of the Riviera Maya. A Mayan community has been preserving this place for years where the spider monkey has its place.

Quintana Roo is the natural habitat of the spider monkey and the saraguato. In Punta Laguna its observation is simple: here live monkeys families that are used to the water and wind. The spider monkey is easy to observe, to see the sacred, you must have a chance of luck in your visit. There are less saraguatos and they are more timid.

The activities offered in Punta Laguna include: Mayan ceremony, observation of monkeys, canoe, zip line and cenote. You will enjoy a fantastic jungle tour where you will learn from the hand of your Mayan guide stories of their culture.

At the entrance of Otoch Ma’ax Yetel Kooh finds a museum with information about the animals of the area, instruments and Mayan way of life. They also sell handicrafts, another way to contribute to the places they visit on your alternative path.

And for the daring is the cenote, where you descend and the reward is worth it. It is crystal clear and full of secrets