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Playacar Playa del Carmen

If you have thought to live or just rent for vacations in Playacar, we will tell you about this high end development.

Playacar is located in Playa del Carmen on the south, is a private development which was started in 1979. It has preserved most of the large trees, parks and wide streets.

It is divided in two phases, 1 and 2. The first one is smaller and residential houses with a few small hotels. The second phase is larger and includes golf, houses, condos, aviary, shopping area and all-inclusive hotels.

There are Mayan ruins in Playacar. They are not huge but interesting to walk by and take some snapshots. They are open to anyone in Playacar and there is no charge for them. Occasionally you will see a wedding taking place on the grounds.

And of course, we can´t miss the beaches, which are wide and not too crowded. Don’t worry if you are not staying at one of the all-inclusive hotels, you can use the beach, you just need to have access to it.

There are activities to do also, for example; There is a park that is well designed and a great place for young children to play. It is called Park El Árbol and the Xaman-Ha Bird Sancturay.