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Caleta Tankah –

Caleta tankah

Caleta Tankah It is a gem to discovered, imagine a peaceful and private beach of 4 kilometers with turquoise water in the Mexican Caribbean, the beautiful jungle hides it from the civilization.

My favorite part of this paradise it is Apart from the beach area you can also enjoy the refreshing water of a cenote that is located just a few minutes away from the beach.

Beach+cenote! and the skies filled with stars, make this place a magical escape for anyone that wants to relax and start a journey inside themselves in true contact with nature.

As every gorgeous place in Riviera Maya, this place also has an owner and by paying a little entrance fee you will also be able to admire this beauty. The buildings (one of them is a type of hotel-condominium) are blended so naturally that it looks like they don’t cause any inconvenience to the nature there is also a restaurant with a good Mexican cuisine they have delicious flavors and that complete the picture of plentifulness.

Follow The Sign that says * Caleta Tankah * is pretty amazing. Maybe you never heard about this before, nor have you been there. But its located 2 kms. north from Tulum count with a private beach club oriented to people who want to sit in a quiet place with nothing surrounding you but the beauty of nature.