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Animals Protection in Riviera Maya

Everybody says they love animals and protect them, but they are still supporting all kind of animal rough handling.

Today we are going to talk about a very serious problem in Riviera Maya that is animal rough handling because we don´t support animal suffering.

Swimming with dolphins is very common activity in Playa del Carmen and many people do it not realising the consequences on their ecosystem, despite their popularity, swim with dolphins programs have a dark underbelly many of the dolphins suffer from Psychosis and they are forced to perform a lot of times making the same routine. Please if you come to Riviera Maya don´t swimming with Dolphins, if love it leave them free and just watch them in their natural habitat, there is a Natural Reserve in Riviera Maya called Siaan Kaan close there is Punta Allen there you will watch a Dolphin in peace and freedom!

Another serious hunting problem is with Jaguar, many people practice sport hunting just for the pleasure to kill and that is a big problem in Quintana Roo because Jaguar is in danger of extincion. Please do not buy or support this activity!

Swimming with turtles is not a problem if you don´t try to touch them and just watch the amazing and magic spectacle than they offer for nature.

Playa del Carmen has many distress or suffering free activities, also is one of the best Place to Live in Mexico, Dare to discover this Wonderful Mayan World!


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