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Why to Love Playa del Carmen

One of the reasons to visit this site is its beautiful beaches, those landscapes, the tranquility that exists in the vast majority of its beaches that are difficult to find in other places, besides it is very easy to access them. The sea and the sand is the complement and that touch that makes them perfect because it does not matter that the beach all the perfect lives.

The Mayan Riviera is surrounded by cenotes and there are even more cenotes than those currently known to exist. These natural pools are fascinating with an ideal water for hot times and with a landscape that makes you fall in love from the first moment.

When you get to Playa del Carmen everything becomes simple if you come from a city that goes crazy with the first drop of rain that falls. Playa del Carmen is as simple as following a street, turning for some direction and continuing in a straight line.

Playa del Carmen is a place visited by many people from different parts of the world so you can see a variety of people, wherever you go you will find people from different parts of the world that will make you feel like a foreigner in your own country, this as long as you’re Mexican. It is very normal in this place to walk three meters and meet a really beautiful person, visit the cenotes beach or the parks you will fall in love with every step you take.

In Playa del Carmen there is a wide variety of attractions, parks that you can visit to perform different activities from swimming quietly by underground rivers to throwing you by zip lines but there are a number of parks that are very popular such as Xcaret, Xhelha and Xplor for telling you some, these places are sites that you can not miss visiting that perhaps its cost is a bit high but at the end of your visit you will feel that it is worth the expense since everything they offer inside these places is first quality.