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Local Food

In Playa del Carmen, Mexico there are many options for delicious food and definitely you cannot miss the opportunity to try all of them also in all Riviera Maya.

Today we are going to introduce your self with a very Healthy and delicious ingredient! It is now as ÔÇťMayan SpinachÔÇŁ and it name is ÔÇťChayaÔÇŁ Is a Native plant that grows in Mexico┬┤s South it is very common also in the house gardens or window box as long as the city is growing up, Chaya is find in many forest land even in places where now there are large buildings of Real Estate Chaya, continues growing up.

It is very popular and is one of the most common local food used for gastronomic (like eggs, tamales, empanadas), medicinal and curative purposes, comes from spinach family besides being delicious has many nutrients like a high content of protein, mineral and enzymes also is excellent for digestion, reduce body weight, improves vision, lowers cholesterol and helps to have a better blood circulation. The leaves must be cooked before being eaten , as raw contain toxic glucosides but don┬┤t worry you can eat few raw portions mixed with fruits juice like Pineapple, Orange, strawberry etc. It is very refreshing and healthy.

So When you come to Playa del Carmen, do not forget ask for Chaya┬┤s water and food. We really recommend to you!

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