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Izamal (dew from heaven)

Located 72 km east of the city of Mérida is Izamal, it is called the city of the 3 cultures since there are 3 historical periods in it.

But, do you know what to do there? well, here are some options

  • Walk through its streets and Squares

Izamal maintains an image of elegance with large houses and beautiful homes painted in yellow ocher and white, its lively, as well as its safe life will allow you to walk its streets, admire its colors in the squares and corners, it will seem that in your journey time has arrested.

  • Do you wonder why these colors?

it was uniformly painted by the will of authorities and izamaleños to maintain the gallantry and charm of the past times that make it unique for its stately air but still in the regional landscape.

To do the tour you can walk, ride a bike or get on the carriages or victories and have a romantic horseback ride. Approaching the steps of this convent is to begin to discover one of the most important buildings in Mesoamerica.

This convent is located on the plateau of the greater hill of Izamal that once entering we can marvel at its 75 arches that make up the largest enclosed atrium in America and the second largest in the world; Here we saw a monument that recalls the historic visit of Pope John Paul II in ’93, a marvel for Religious Tourism.

Inside there is a beautiful baroque altarpiece covered with a gold bath, niches with images like “Santa Lucia” and the “Coronation of the Virgin as Queen of Heaven” and below the image of the Virgin of the Immaculate Conception.

On the shores of the portals you have a magnificent view of the Kinich-Kakmó pyramid and the village with the quiet movement of its inhabitants, as well as the cobbled streets and yellow colors that highlight this rich culture.

  •  Climb the Kinich-Kakmó Pyramid

You will also discover why it is the city of the hills. Here you will find pyramids such as Tu’ul (the rabbit), Habuk, Izamatul and others, but the truly surprising is the Kinich-Kakmó pyramid “Fire macaw with a solar face”, whose interpretation is that the Mayans believed that the god Kinich came down in the heat of the sun to burn and purify the sacrifices or offerings of the Mayan pantheon and this was done using the shape of a macaw, does not that sound interesting. It is one of the largest pyramids in Mexico, because its base is really huge and the landscape is worthy of admiration.

  • Visit the Cultural Center

The Cultural Center is a space that offers a lot of color, learning and variety of handicrafts, since in its shop we find many Mexican articles of yesterday and today with contemporary designs that indigenous people from rural communities elaborate.

In this center is also the Henequen Museum, which is the native plant of Yucatan and from which a wide range of products is obtained; here the rescue of the henequen haciendas is revived and you learn a lot from them.
Another option to do here is to enjoy their cafeteria and relax in the spa, so this Cultural Center offers more than good learning because you will surely spend moments of relaxation, entertainment and shopping.

  • Eat and Celebrate

Among the many values that we find in Izamal is its cuisine, in which you will not stop surprising yourself with the flavors of Yucatecan food and its mixed recipes; to enjoy these dishes nothing like the municipal market.