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Enigmatic Uxmal

Uxmal, sorrounded by legends, myths and anecdotes

The city is made up of 15 groups of buildings, distributed from north to south, in an area of approximately 2 km. Among those that stand out: The Pyramid of the Adivino, with its Plaza de los Pájaros, the Quadrangle of the Nuns, the Ball Game, the Governor’s Palace, the Great Pyramid and El Palomar, in addition to the North Group, the House of the Old, The Cemetery and the Temple of the Phalluses. The large number and variety of buildings speak of the social complexity in this center of political, economic and religious activities.

The highly fertile soils for the agricultural activity, had to give sustenance to these old settlers. The cults of water, earth, sun and Venus, also present in the orientation and decoration of their structures. Have been found in the central core of Uxmal, more than 160 chultuns or cisterns to collect water from the rains, since in this area there are no cenotes, and there is no source of supply of the essential liquid.

The most impressive structure, with a unique elliptical shape and a height of more than 35 meters is La Casa del Adivino; According to an ancient legend, this pyramid was raised by a dwarf in only one night, although in reality it was built in five stages and was designed in such a way that its stairway faces east, towards sunset on the solstice Of summer.

From the Quadrangle of the Nuns there is a light and sound show by Uxmal, in which Mayan legends of the region who gave life to this mystic place are narrated.