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El Portal Maya

The Portal Maya is a controversial sculpture by José Arturo Tavarez Padilla that has been gaining its place as a point of reference in Playa del Carmen.

The purpose of the sculpture on the stage of the Fundadores park and its spectacular backdrop painted in the turquoise color of the Caribbean Sea, was to welcome the New Age of the ancient Mayans, which began on December 21, 2012.

It is a monument that gathers 60 tons of bronze, 16 meters high and 16 meters long. It was ordered by the Municipality during the administration of the Municipal President Filiberto Martínez and prepared in the Tavarez Foundry for being placed in Parque Fundadores, privileged site where you can find the history of the ancient settlers.

In the upper part of the sculpture there are two giants nine meters high each, is a man and a woman holding hands, aligned to the stars, and represent humanity that is aligned to this new cycle of light, symbolizing hope

The man is driven by a spiral of wind and the woman is driven by a spiral of water, and in the main columns there is a mixture of elements of the Mayan past, in order to honor the Mayan ancestors and their knowledge.