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Cozumel´s Carnival

February is a month full of party , the carnival is a celebration that takes place immediately before the beginning of Christian Lent, which begins in turn with Ash Wednesday, which has a variable date (between February and March depending on the year). The carnival combines some elements like disguises, parades, and street parties.

In Quintana Roo the Cozumel´s  carnival is the most famous and above all the best. It is full of dance, music and lots of partying. Undoubtedly if you come in that time you cannot miss it, you will have too much fun and you will know a little more of the traditions of our Mexico.

To go to Cozumel, you need to take a ferry and the cost is approximately 150 pesos per trip. The carnival begins around 5 o´clock in the afternoon and the party ends until dawn, for sure you will find lots of delicious local food and beverages. SO, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR TO HAVE FUN IN THIS WONDERFUL COUNTRY?

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