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Coba Archaeological zone

Coba is a Mayan archaeological site located about 90 kilometers east of Chichen Itza and about 40 northeast of Tulum. Its name translates as “water with moss” or “moisture of water”, although there are authors who suggest that it means “turbid water”, due to the proximity to small lakes with a rather cloudy color. Other researchers of the ancient Mayan language propose more translations, among which may be mentioned “water of the Chachalacas”; “Tooth of gopher”, which would also come from the Mayan words or “abundant water”.

To explore the archaeological zone, you will have several options:

  • Make it by walking 
  • Rent a bike
  • Rent a tricycle with a driver

Unlike traditional visits to other areas, walking the story on board a bicycle makes it a unique experience.

The road is dirt, but easy to walk either on foot or by bicycle or tricycle. The “drivers” are very friendly and always have a story to tell you to make the transfer from one point to another more enjoyable.

The largest structure of Cobá and that you can still climb has 111 steps, plus another 5 to the highest area of the pyramid from where many people take pictures and admire the beauty that the jungle encloses.

Coba It also has cenotes in which you can enjoy after touring the archaeological zone, such as the cenote Choo-Ha, Tankach-Ha, Multun-Ha.