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Planetarium Cha´an ka´an in Cozumel

The Planetarium is built and equipped as a recreational space for the Cozumeleños and another attraction for visitors to the island. This space promotes coexistence, the exchange of ideas and will develop multiple activities for the delight of its visitors in an environment that stimulates scientific knowledge and innovation, as well as the preservation of the legacy of the Mayan culture and the biodiversity of our State

The concept of construction design refers to the swallow, symbol of the island, in addition, its curved shapes offer little resistance to the hurricane winds very common in the region. The architectural solution proposes to fulfill the objective of offering a public space promoting the approach to scientific knowledge and technological innovations, knowledge of the universe and conservation of natural resources and the environmental heritage of the state of Quintana Roo.

“Cha´an Ka´an” was the name chosen by the Cozumeleños. Cha´an Ka´an means: Observe or enjoy the sky.The Mayans, through astronomical observation, obtained scientific knowledge that still surprises us because of their precision and with that they governed their life, religion and culture. Enjoy the astronomy and the legacy of this millenary culture are part of the activities that will be developed in this Complex for the dissemination of Science, Technology and Culture.