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Casa Libre Tulum

Today we are going to introduce you to a new development in Tulum called Casa Libre. This new apartment complex has many great features that make it a great for investment or simply as a place to call home. Here are the reasons why we really like it:


Casa Libre is located in the heart of Tulum, inside of an exclusive community called Aldea Zama. Originally it was known as Zama, the Mayan word for “dawn.” It was the Maya who inhabited this part of the Riviera Maya, leaving behind traces of themselves, such as the ruins located in Tulum, overlooking the waters from cliffs above.

The area of Tulum is a combination of archaeological sites, natural landscapes, cenotes (sinkholes), and tropical beaches. This is why the World Travel Awards have recognized them several times with the prize for best beach destination.

Building Design

Casa Libre has 30 luxury apartments, with each one ranging from 1,640 to 2,850 square feet. Each residence was designed to fit a particular lifestyle, so they have various sizes available: Studio, Garden House, Apartment and Penthouse.

Lock-Off System

Units in Casa Libre are equipped with a Lock-Off system, which allows owners to subdivide their home into two independent living areas. This is very useful when choosing to rent out part of the apartment separately. The owner can choose to live their while, or split tenants into two spaces.  


Casa Libre has many ways that contribute to residents and guests staying fit, healthy, relaxed and at peace:

The Centro de Equilibrio is their version of a wellness center. It has a fully equipped gym, a space for practicing yoga, and a spa that offers many services like massage.

 The Pool in the building consists of an 82 feet (25m) semi-Olympic swimming lane, great for long distance training.

They have a private Beach Club located 5 minutes away from building. Residents have VIP access to this exclusive area.

They also have a barra natural (juice bar), serving up 100% natural juice. It’s made from fresh locally grown ingredients, and the perfect place to visit after a workout session in the pool or gymnasium.


The concierge team is set up to make life easier for residents and guests. They help take reservations for massages or restaurants, offering transportation for guest visits and tours. There have a shuttle service available for pick up from the airport, which can also be booked by guests for trips to various tourist destinations in Tulum.

Sustainable Living

Casa Libre has also taken steps to reduce electricity costs and environmental impact through their efforts in sustainable living.  Most of the energy that powers the building comes from solar panel installations. Clients can choose to power your own apartment through solar panels and save up to 80% in energy bills.

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